A Love Note to My Husband on His Birthday

This week we are celebrating Chuck’s birthday.  Every year he uses his vacation time to take the week off.  We rarely go anywhere but it has become a nice tradition where we celebrate and spend time together during his time off.

We have created this tradition of slowing down and enjoying the others’ day and celebrating their life.  Because let’s face it, our own lives would be much different if our significant other was never born So we celebrate the miracle of life and fate that brought us together.  It is nice to slow down and just ride the wave.  Go where we want to go, do what we want to do – together and spoil the one we love.  The past couple of years, we go away to Foxwoods Casino Resort for the night.  Chuck loves to gamble, I love to people watch and sleep in a comfy hotel bed.  Follow us on Instagram to see snippets of our trip.

Being together as long as we have I forget just how old we are.  I started dating Chuck when he was 23.  He is turning 36.  Yikes!  I still feel like we are the 18 and 23-year-olds when we first started dating – just with a lot more responsibilities.  I know I have shared my affection for him in others posts but I wanted to dedicate this post to my one and only love on his birthday.  It is not easy to live with me.  Sometimes I wonder if I could handle it.  I don’t think I could.  He deserves an award.

I am honoring my Love with some simple and loving statements, music and quotes on his birthday.

  1. I love your unique and refreshing outlook on life.  Most people don’t get it.  I do and I love it.
  2. I love how you make it your mission to make me laugh and smile – even after you did something to upset me.
  3. I love how you can look at my face and know what I am thinking or feeling.
  4. I love how when I go to speak and you say the words before I even get them out.
  5. I love your hugs, they are my favorite.  All encompassing and keeping the craziness of the world away from me.
  6. I love our daily kisses and “I love you”s. I mean it every time.  I remember the pain of when we split.  When I couldn’t say those words to you when I wanted to.  That ache is a shadow that reminds me of how blessed I am today.  I will never take our love for granted.
  7. One of my favorite things is watching you with our Niece.  The light in your eye and the special bond between you two, truly makes my heart skip a beat.
  8. I love how seriously you are when picking out celebration cards. It is your way of showing those you love how much you care and it is simply adorable.
  9. I love our time together.  Whether we are out food shopping or lounging on the couch in silence watching our favorite shows together.
  10. I love how happy you make me feel and I love to make you happy as well.  I know we are quirky, most people don’t get it, but we do and that is all that matters.

Please know that,

The storm may be raging in our lives but you are the steady anchor that keeps me afloat.


I love this song because it reflects all that we have been through together, and all that is in store for us in the future.

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Thank you for choosing me as your wife and life partner.

Love, Jeannine

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