An Ode, A Ring and Some Memories

The holidays are here! Can you believe it? I mean wear did November go? I blinked (and didn’t blog) and it was over! Today is a very special day for me, it would have been my grandmother’s birthday. I was very close to my Dad’s mother who passed away 12 years ago. My paternal grandparents lived in the house in front of us and I had the luxury of seeing them everyday. My grandfather passed away when I was 17, my grandmother passed when I was 19. I was extremely close to both of them but closer to “Mam” in particular. Perhaps it was because our birthdays were just 3 days apart and we had similar Sagittarian qualities. Or the fact she had two sons and I was one the closest things she had to a daughter. Or most likely I saw her everyday of my life.

Our bond is unbreakable. I think of her often and am at peace knowing she is watching over me. This is the bond I have. I am lucky to be surrounded by reminders, little seeds that she planted when she was alive.

  • Whenever I bake, I feel her presence and think of the things she used to say to me. “You will think of me someday after I have passed and know this is wise advice.”
  • I must have afternoon tea, a habit she got me into.
  • Anytime, I see a cardinal, I look for its mate. Something she always did, when I see the pairing, I like to think it is her and my grandfather together.
  • And this beauty.

She gave me this ring. I remember the day clearly. I had to have been 12 years old. It was a Saturday morning, she was making her bed and I was over visiting and playing in her jewelry box. I loved the ring so much and would always try it on. This was the day she told me I could have it. I always dreamed I would be proposed with this ring. Any my husband caught onto the many hints I left.

The original center stone, blue zircon was cracked. We had to replace the stone and added diamonds per my step mother-in-law’s gift to make it more like an engagement ring. To this day, I receive so many compliments and I love it because not only is it authentic and has many special memories attached. She is with me wherever I go and is never far away. I am truly blessed to have had such a kindred spirit in my life.

Have you every experienced a relationship with another, where after they pass you still think about them everyday?

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  1. Bev

    This is so sweet! And what a lovely daily reminder of your grandmother. My grandmother and I shared a birthday–she always said I was the best birthday present 🙂

  2. Jeannine (Post author)

    Thanks Bev! That is such a sweet story about sharing birthdays! I love that!


    such a beautiful ring. my grandmother always baked, too. She always had those sweet words of wisdom. Miss her everyday!

  4. Jeannine (Post author)

    I love to hear this. My husband had a special relationship with his grandmothers. Sometimes our stories are very similar. It always makes me sad to hear kids who grow up without knowing their grandparents’ mine were such a huge part of my life. And yes I miss mine everyday too!

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