Delicious Homemade Broccoli Salad

Wow it has been almost a month since I wrote my last post!  Summer is flying by.  Chuck and I are trying our hardest to take in every single moment of these beautiful summer days.  If you follow us on Instagram you see what I am talking about.  How about you?  What are you doing to celebrate the warmer weather?

One of Chuck’s favorite things about summer is the summer salads I make.  I have 3 go to salad recipes (inherited from our Moms) that I make for him.

The three recipes are:

  • Broccoli Salad
  • Potato Salad
  • French Dressing & Ham Pasta Salad

Every time I make one of these salads I could win the Wife of the Year Award (he is that happy).  I am pretty sure one of those salads is the reason he proposed and the other is why he married me.

Back to his Summer Salad obsession Anytime we have a cookout or family function, Chuck volunteers me to make one of these salads.  Typically it is whichever one he is most in the mood for.  If I don’t make a side batch for him for our home, he whines.  Don’t tell him I told you that!  So I indulge in his bad behavior and for the fact  I secretly love his passion for my cooking.  Don’t tell him I said that either!  

Delicious Homemade Broccoli Salad Recipe

1 Red Onion (Optional, I don’t use this because he is Mr. Picky)
1-2  Large Bunches of Broccoli
4 or 5 Carrots (or you can cheat buy a bag of shredded carrots)
1 Package of Grated Cheddar Cheese
1 Cup of Mayo
3 Sweet’N Low (or sugar substitute)
2-3 Tbsp Vinegar

1.)  Chop up the Red Onion in a food processor and place into a large bowl.
2.)  Rinse the Broccoli under cold water and pat dry.
3.)  Cut the tops off into little Brocolli florets and put into the bowl.
4.)  Dice the stem of the Broccoli into chunks and chop this in the food processor too.
4.)  Add the diced Broccoli stem to the bowl of vegetables.
5.)  Rinse the Carrots and put those into the food processor.
6.)  Add the Carrots and Grated Cheddar Cheese to the bowl.
7.)  Next add the Mayo, Sweet’N Low and Vinegar to the vegetable mixture.

At Home With The O'Neils Delicious Homemade Broccoli Salad 5
8.)  Mix all together with a spoon.
9.)  I refrigerate this for 1 or 2 hours (at the least) to let the ingredients set together.
10.) When you are ready to serve, I like to add a little cheese on the top for garnish and presentation.


  • I always make this to taste.  After making it a couple of times you will be able to tell which ingredient you need to add more to balance the salad.
  • The ingredients listed above are in proportion to one another.   I always buy 3 – 4 heads of broccoli and build my salad from there. (As with the photos of this blog post).  Also, 1 Cup of Mayo won’t cut it.  Add to your preference.

It is a lot of work for what you have as the end result.  Hence the reason I always make more.  This salad never lasts more than 3 days in our home.

Let me know what you think and share your Broccoli Salad Creation photos on Instagram or Twitter with me!

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  1. DearCreatives (@DearCreatives)

    My daughter loves broccoli. Maybe shed like this recipe if I made it. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Jeannine (Post author)

    Try it Theresa! My husband isn’t a big vegetable fan and he LOVES it. I have converted many “broccoli haters” into lovers with this easy salad.

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