One ‘Flu’ the Cuckoo’s Nest – Cold Be Gone Remedy

I actually wrote the draft of this post a week ago and then became sick with the Flu the next day.  Talk about jinxing yourself!  I am much better now.  Thanks to this remedy and some homemade chicken soup, sent over by my Mother-in-Law.

As we progress into winter, it becomes much easier to become sick.  There has been recent scientific evidence that suggests cold weather helps viruses and colds spread.  It doesn’t help that we are cooped up indoors with our loved ones and their germs.  On top of this, often the places we find ourselves in: workplaces, schools, grocery stores, etc., become petri dishes of germs too.  It becomes inevitable to not catch a cold or the Flu.

Whenever Chuck or I becomes sick, the other wants to fly ‘the nest’.  Especially New Year’s Eve 2 years ago when Chuck had the Flu.  It was brutal.  With the exception of last week, I have been pretty lucky.  When I worked in an office, I was always sick, due to close proximity to others and poor air quality.  I started developing extreme sinus infections that would require 2 rounds of medications before the symptoms would subside.

Then I discovered a secret natural remedy.

It has eliminated those nasty sinus infections, keeps me out of the Doctor’s office and keeps germs at bay.  Anytime, I feel a cold coming on, I try this “wash”.

What is this natural wonder? Tea Tree Oil!

It is expensive, however it works.  I bought a 2 oz. bottle at a local Natural Herbal Shop and it cost me $19.95.  You can find it online for much cheaper.  However it is worth it!

Tea Tree Oil Wash

Tea Tree Oil Wash - At Home With The O'Neils



  • Water
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Tissues



  1. Boil a cup of Water in a pot on your stove.
  2. When the Water boils, turn the heat off.
  3. Add 1 tsp. of Tea Tree Oil to the Water.
  4. Lean over the pot and breathe in the steam for 5 to 10 minutes.

If you feel slight stinging behind your nose and eyes, this is okay.  It means it is working.  Keep tissues nearby because it will immediately clear your sinus cavities.  Do not ingest the water or oil.  Make sure to clean your pan thoroughly. Tea Tree Oil should not be ingested.

We also take other precautions this time of year with the germs flying around.  We always have on hand:

What are your go to remedies for staying healthy this time of year?


**Disclaimers: I am not a doctor, nor do I play one one TV. These are just remedies that have worked for us through the years. They may not work for everyone. This post contains affiliate links.**

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  1. workingmommagic

    I have never heard of doing this! I will def give it a try the next time I get sick.. also I am glad to hear you are feeling better! 😉

  2. Jeannine (Post author)

    Thanks Lauren! It was rough for a few days but I am back at it now!

    I actually stumbled upon Tea Tree Oil for an entirely different reason. It helps clear mold. We had an issue in our bathroom and bleach wasn’t cutting it. I started researching other uses and it has been SO helpful at keeping my sinuses in check.

  3. DearCreatives (@DearCreatives)

    I haven’t bought tea tree oil in a long time. It’s good for any things.Great use! Luckily we’ve been flu free for years. Knock on wood we stay healthy this season too.

  4. DearCreatives (@DearCreatives)

    It was suppose to say many. lol Thanks for the tips!

  5. Joanna

    I will keep this is mind for when the flu rolls around my house next! I hate taking medicine when I’m pregnant so I love more natural remedies like this.

  6. Jeannine (Post author)

    You better knock on wood! That is how I got myself in trouble the first time!

  7. Jeannine (Post author)

    Great Joanna! It really has many different purposes and it is a fantastic natural solution to household cleaners etc.

  8. Linkouture

    Oh, I could have used this a few weeks ago! I used a neti pot to clear things out, but eventually I had to turn to antibiotics to finally get rid of whatever I had.

  9. Jeannine (Post author)

    I wish I had thought of it then to share with you Bev. Typically I only use this method for sinus infections but I was desperate to rid it from my system since I knew I needed to be 100% for a crazy upcoming week. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  10. Amee

    Man thanks I will have to try this the next time I am sick. Pinning for later.

  11. Jeannine (Post author)

    Awesome! Thanks Amee!


    melaleuca is no joke! works SOOOO good. we use it on the bottoms of our feet in our home and internally too! LOVE it!!

  13. Jeannine (Post author)

    Thanks Ashley! I had to look this up because I have never heard of it. Now I realize it is a form of Tea Tree Oil! I will have to try your methods too! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Christie

    I love tea tree oil, but I’ve never used it this way. I will have to give it a try. Thanks so much for linking up at the Totally Terrific Tuesday Link Party. I hope you stop by again tonight at 10pm to show up what you’ve been up to this week. It’s so much fun partying with you!

  15. Jeannine (Post author)

    I love Tea Tree Oil! I hope it works for you! Hopefully I can stop by tonight! Still working on the post!

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