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Welcome_ONeil HomeDecorating our home is one of the things I look forward to each year during the holiday season.  This explains the 7 holiday totes I have accumulated through the years.  I do not decorate our one bedroom apartment with all the decorations.  However, it doesn’t mean I haven’t tried.  I scale back because I’m tired of lugging the totes from storage (my Parent’s house), up the spiraling staircase to the second floor.

When I attempted this massive decorating feat during our first Christmas living together, it looked like holiday decorations threw up over our apartment.  I have scaled back drastically – to 4 totes. And about those other totes?  Let’s just say they are in the reserves, and are ready to go when we expand our living quarters.

You are probably wondering, how does one accumulate so many decorations?  Well, they slowly build over time.  Many of them have distinct stories in which they came into our care, or have a special meaning to us.  Then, there is the other decorations that were a great end-of-the-year holiday sale.  HINT: When I knew we would be living together, I bought a majority of our ornaments post-holiday sale from Crate and Barrel and saved a ton!

Even though I haven’t put all of the 7 totes to good use, I want to welcome you into our home and give you a holiday home tour of our cozy space.  I hope you don’t mind, but I am sharing a few memories and stories with you as well.

Disclaimer: This is a Jeannine-written post.  Chuck loves spending the holidays with our family and decorations are barely on his radar.  Decorating our apartment is left to me, which is probably for the better. 

At Home With The O'Neils - heart ornament

Heart ornament – This is definitely an ornament that is close to my heart (pun intended).  Whenever I put it on the tree, I make sure it’s placed in a spot that I can see at all times.  When my cousin married her husband, she moved to Italy, which is where he was stationed in the Air Force.  On her first Christmas overseas, she sent me this Artisan, hand-painted ornament.  What is so special about this particular ornament is that it’s painted from the inside out.  As you can see, the design is so intricate with tiny details.  I love having this homemade ornament on my tree that has traveled across the world.

At Home With The O'Neils - angel ornment

Angel Ornament – Every Sunday growing up we would have 4 o’clock tea at my Grandparents’ house.  My cousin Nancy and her sister Rhonda would come over.  Dinner was served promptly at 6. Following dinner, we would talk, do some sort of activity and do word puzzles at the end of the night.  It was during one of those weekly gatherings I made this ornament and still remember assembling my angel from the do-it-yourself kit.

At Home With The O'Neils - Chuck Ornament

Chuck’s Baby Ornament – Growing up I hated the ornaments my Parents’ accumulated through the years and wanted a festive, themed holiday tree (think Martha Stewart in training).  Often I would hide my ornaments or “forget” to hang them.  When we moved, I didn’t bring any of my childhood ornaments.  However, when my Mother-In-Law gave us sweet decorations like this, I couldn’t resist putting them on our tree.

At Home With The O'Neils - Bear Topper

Bear Topper – I have an obsession with bears.  Black bears, teddy bears, it doesn’t matter.  There is just something so sweet about them.  My mother got me hooked on a Boyd’s Bear fix.  This little guy came with his own mini tree and ornaments.  The tree didn’t make it out of the bins, but he found his way to the top of our tree.  Isn’t he just the cutest?!

AT Home With The O'Neils - Black BearsBlack Bears – Yes, the obsession carries over to these guys. I can’t remember if I bought them or put them on the Christmas present wishlist. They clearly had too much fun with the eggnog and I crack up every time I walk by them. .

AT Home With The O'Neils - Deer

Reindeer – The bear love has carried over to woodland creatures.  These guys are so elegant and add grace to our living room decor.  Living in New England, you will see a deer prance around every now and then.  They are just majestic animals and it is such a treat to see.  These decorations were a Christmas present that became lost (hard to believe with all my decorations) and didn’t make it out into the open until two years later.  I make sure they are stowed in the proper tote to entertain us each year.

Snowman Ornament

Mam’s Snowman – This was my paternal grandmother’s (Mam) decoration.  After she passed, we were clearing out her house and I took this for my home.  Her birthday was Dec. 1st and one year she found herself in the hospital.  Someone bought this for her to cheer her up and I bring him out every year in homage to her.

AT Home With The O'Neils - Elves

Mam’s Ugly Elves – I don’t know why I have these little guys.  They don’t match my decor.  However, they remind me of the happier times at my grandmother’s house.  So I take them out every year and try to find the perfect spot to display them.

AT Home With The O'Neils - Snowman Snowglobe

Snowman Snow Globe –  I am lucky enough to have my birthday at the end of November.  Two years ago, Chuck gave me a day full of shopping.  It started with breakfast at our favorite place, then onto shopping.  While we were walking back to our car, it started to snow.  It was so magical.  I love when it snows on my birthday.  We were shopping at Kohls when I saw this, and I had to have it to commemorate the perfect birthday.

At Home With The O'Neils - White Christmas Snow Globe

White Christmas Snow Globe – There once was a time when I collected Snow Globes.  Then the wrong bin was placed in the outside storage and the ever-changing New England weather caused them to shatter.  I lost all of my Snow Globes except for this one.  I think that this one was an Avon special my mother had bought for both of my grandmothers.  The music box no longer works and it has a more vintage feel to it.  However, it still holds special memories of my grandparents around the holidays.

That is it! Thanks for stopping by and taking our tour.  We wish you a very happy holiday season.  Hopefully you can sit back, relax and enjoy this fabulous, family-filled holiday!

At Home With The O'Neils Christmas Tree

Happy Holiday From The O'Neils

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    I love your hand painted heart. Love all the cute touches and pretty tree! Wishing you happy holidays!

  2. Jeannine (Post author)

    Thanks @DearCreatives! Happy holidays to you as well!

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