Valentines Day – The Writing Is On the Wall

For our wedding, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and putting our personal touch on every aspect of our big day was something that was very important to me.  Not only did I want our wedding to be unique, I wanted guests to “feel the love”.  Selfishly, the DIY projects were an outlet for my creativity, and a way to pass the time for our 18-month long engagement.

One of the projects was designing our wedding program.

wedding program_At Home With The O'Neils

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As a Communications major and marketing professional, this is something I know a bit about.  The personal touch for the programs were inspirational quotes.  Inspiring messages have gotten me through some of the hardest – and best – times of my life.  It seemed only fitting for them to have a place in our program.  Each page of our wedding program had a “true love” quote.

“True love doesn’t just fill your heart, it overflows into your whole body and soul.”

“True love is not being with someone because you think you can be happy with that person, but because without that person you know you can never be.”

“I love you because you bring out the best in me, and holding onto that thought, I sincerely believe that just by being with you, shall bring out the best life I ever could live.”

However, my favorite, and the one I saved for the last page was by Richard Brach.

“True love stories never have endings.”  

Those 6 words, perfectly captured what our day was all about.  We were committing our love to one another for the rest of our lives.

I promised myself that after the wedding I would buy/make a sign of this quote or the variant, “A True Love Story Never Ends”.  I had trouble finding the perfect sign and never found the time to make it.  Eventually, I forgot about it until I found it on Pinterest – with a broken link.  Figures!

In the meantime, my mentor-friend, Stephanie started making rustic wooden signs.  I asked her if she would customize this sign for me, with the quote, our names and our wedding date.  She agreed and got to work.  Stephanie, kept texting me updates of the progress.  With each new image, I would become more and more excited.  Today, I hung it in our kitchen as a reminder of our love, and the commitment we made to one another.  It makes me smile every time I walk by.

A True Love Story Never Ends Sign

Latest addition to our kitchen! A sweet gift from a dear friend! #love #sign #wallart #homemade #diy #marriage #quotes #truelove

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It reminds me of our special day, our commitment to one another, and how fortunate we are to have this custom made love in our life.

 And with that, I end on one more love note.

Pinterest quote

Happy Valentine’s Day!


This is not an affiliate-based post.  However, if you love Stephanie’s sign, please check out her website for more signs and purchase if you choose. These are truly homemade, made with love and are absolutely fabulous!

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  1. Theresa

    I love that sign in your kitchen! Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

  2. Jeannine (Post author)

    Thanks Theresa! Isn’t it great! She custom made it for that space too! Happy Valentines day to you and your loved one as well!


    so cute! I love those types of signs. I gave one to my best friend when she got married. They are so much fun and add just the right touch <3

  4. Jeannine (Post author)

    You are right! It is so personal and just the right touch. The same lady who made me that sign had made a couple for wedding gifts as well.

  5. Kristi Corrigan

    Thank you for linking up at Get Your Shine on Thursdays. This sign is so awesome!

  6. Jeannine (Post author)

    Isn’t it amazing! My friend custom makes them if you are interested! She is so talented!

  7. Sharon | Her Organized Chaos

    That sign is so pretty. I am going to check it out because I would love something like that in my home. Thanks for linking up to Totally Terrific Tuesday last week! I can’t wait to see what you have to share this week!


  8. Jeannine (Post author)

    I love the sign, it adds such a nice home feel to our kitchen. Glad you liked it! Thanks for the comment Sharon!

  9. Donella Crigger

    Love that sign…and love the sentiment that you used in your wedding program. 🙂 Thanks for linking up at the Get Your Shine On party. We hope you’ll join us again tomorrow night!

  10. Jeannine (Post author)

    Thanks Donella!

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